A Collection Of College Paper Topics To Get You A Perfect Grade

Many college students yearn for a perfect grade. Not only does it help you with getting on the good side of your professor, but it will also impact your GPA. With today’s hyper competitive employment market, it is best to get any edge over your competition. One of the ways to do this is by acquiring a high GPA during your college years.

When writing a research paper in college, you will be tasked to writing about a topic of your own choosing. This can be a daunting task, as your professor will take your topic into account when marking your paper. To ensure that you put yourself in contention to receive a top grade, we have compiled a list of college paper topics that you can choose to write about.


There are many aspects of choosing a paper topic that you should keep in mind. Firstly, the topic that you choose should be one that you are intrigued about. Many times, students simply choose the wrong topic to write about. This means that, because they have little to no interest in what they are writing about, their willpower to complete their work to a very high standard significantly decreases.

The topic you choose must be a good fit for you and align with your own interests in your subject field. Writing a college paper is simply not a two or three day affair as in high school. As such, the topic you choose must maintain your attention towards it.

Another aspect of choosing a topic that is often overlooked is to see how much research material is available in regards to it. Unless you are writing a thesis level paper, where you will need to conduct your own research, you will need to find relevant sources to include in your writing.

These can be found in many places. The best place to look would be an online academic journal related to your subject field. You can also look at your faculty’s website or use Google scholar to find good sources. Writing a good paper in college will always require you to analyze a variety of different sources to achieve success.

List Of Topics

The following are some of the best topics to write a college paper on. All these topics will have a wide range of resources that you can find about them online. These are good topics to use if need help writing research paper topics.

  • How can business ideas be turned into a successful startup?
  • How can generous benefits go in making employees happy?
  • Does taxation negatively harm small businesses than large businesses?
  • Is it possible for South and North Korea to unite?
  • What are some of the more popular new age religions?
  • What are the most controversial issues regarding birth control?
  • How can bullying be combatted in schools?
  • Is it possible to achieve 100% literacy around the world?
  • Do grades accurately reflect on a student’s ability?
  • How has YouTube impacted popular culture?

Writing Agencies

If you want college paper written for you, then writing agencies are a good solution. They will not only be able to provide you with an excellent topic to write about but they will also write your paper for you. Most professional agencies employ excellent writers with experience, so your paper will be in good hands.

If you were looking for a solution to your question of: ‘is it possible to find someone to type my paper for me?’ then writing agencies are the perfect answer for you. Remember to choose a topic that you are comfortable writing about for a college paper.