A Little Writing Manual For Newbies In Academic Writing

We will not sugarcoat the truth; academic paper writing can be extremely tough and take its toil on students. However, a large part of this can be attributed to the fact that students are not given an adequate guide on how to navigate the academic writing world. Their professors expect them to independently find out how to compose the perfect college essay paper. Many students are left wondering: ‘how do I grade my paper accurately?’ once they have finished their essays.

Granted, after a few years in college, most students finally get a hand of how to compose a college paper. However, you can skip all the turmoil students face in their first few years in college by carefully reading this manual for newbies to academic writing.


Perhaps the toughest aspect of academic paper writing is choosing a good topic to write about. The biggest jump from high school paper writing to college paper writing is the fact that students are expected to think independently and choose their own topic to write about. Writing a term paper on a topic of your own choosing can be very daunting for students new to academic writing.

There are many aspects you should take into consideration when choosing the topic you will write about. First is your own interest in the topic. A vital mistake that is common by students is the fact that they choose to write about a topic they feel is ‘easy’ to write about. However, at the college level, there are no ‘easy’ topics so to speak.

Therefore, your number one concern when composing an academic paper is your own interest in the topic you choose to write about. Even if you get a paper written for you by a writing agency, you will want to have some passion about the topic you write about. If you could not care less about your topic and only choose it for the sake of writing your academic paper, then the quality of you writing will suffer greatly.

Another aspect to keep in mind when choosing a topic is the fact that you need to ensure that there are enough sources to put in your paper. This is particularly important for research papers. If you choose an obscure topic to write about, then you will need to produce your own research; which is not needed until you get to an advanced enough level to write thesis papers. For now, you should focus on honing your academic writing skills as this will all lead up to writing a thesis paper in college. You can find many places to buy papers online cheap that will also give you a recommendation on the topic you should write about.


Yes, we know what you are thinking. All your academic life you have been hearing about the importance of planning; from your teachers in school to professors in college. It may seem insignificant to plan but in reality, it can help immensely to have a well thought out plan with you when you begin writing your academic paper. All quality research papers have a well though out plan.

Despite being versed inside out on academic writing, we still produced a plan for this article. This in itself should tell you why planning is vital for success in academic writing. A plan allows you to jot your ideas down so you will not forget them while in the process of crafting your academic paper. Furthermore, a plan will add a good structure to your work.

If you need further help on academic paper writing, then you can find help by finding online papers for sale and studying the techniques used to attain high marks.