Coming Up With Relevant Topics for a Research Paper

The primary consideration in writing a research paper is choosing a topic or subject to develop. This is usually challenging for first time writers. There are a lot of titles you can choose from; but, the main concern is, whether or not it will spark your interest or is it really something that gives you the chance to gather the necessary data or information to support your thesis. This article will somehow guide you on how to make that very important academic decision.

First, you must make sure that your topic is very interesting. When you write something that you really like, it’s as if words will be overflowing from your mind. This will be your greatest motivation to continue and finish the school paper you are required to submit on time. You should follow this advice in order for you not to start all over again, thereby wasting your time, money and effort for nothing but crap.

In addition, you should also consider the availability of information you are going to get for every important part of your research. Try asking yourself if your research locale and respondents are accessible or just within your reach. This will greatly help you not only in saving too much effort in making follow-ups or visitations whether for doing an interview or picking up a survey form. If you find that the data or information you want to get is almost next to impossible, then never begin with such an uncertainty.

Another way in facilitating your study is to consider replication. This stands for repetition and duplication. This does not mean that you advertently copy a part or whole of a previous related study. You may paraphrase or rephrase the title and present the study in another angle or perspective using another set of data or research tools or instruments in order to test the validity or reliability of a certain phenomenon.

Replication is very helpful in cases where the proponent sees that there are still gaps between the findings and conclusions of a previous study that can still be patched or linked if he conducts a separate study or investigation. Since there is no monopoly of knowledge, the former may opt to use the latter’s conclusions as reference to his fresh and new ideas, in order for the academic world to understand that in research, there should be collaboration of knowledge to reach a consensus or a goal.

Finally, your title or topic should not only touch or influence the mind but should also reach the heart. If you want to make a difference, try writing a study that will give voice to the silenced, the oppressed and the marginalized sectors of the society.